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Security :

Sharing isn't always a good thing - your company's critical information needs to be protected from hackers, spyware programs, internal employees, and system failures that could wipe out your precious files.

The FocIS Group performs Security Audits, that test your company defenses, and detail where your weak points are. We can then close the holes in your security systems.

  • Install Mail Gateways that filter out Viruses, Spam, and Spyware
  • Recommend, Install, and Manage Firewalls and Routers that screen out attacks, as well as log internal network use
  • Test Anti-Virus, Anti Spyware, and Security systems, and provide detailed reports of security vulnerabilities
  • Set up Web Monitoring software, to report on internal use (or abuse) of Internet Access
  • Detect and repair any Spyware or Hacker problems on a network
  • Set up Wireless Security to prevent unauthorized access to your network resources