Connecting to the Internet, sharing information, and storing data requires a reliable, secure network.

The FocIS Group can analyze, recommend, sell, and support any needed network hardware and software, to ensure you have a fast, reliable, and secure business network.  Our consulting team can help you select the right Internet provider, data circuit, and network and firewall components.

If your team is experiencing slow Internet, problems finding or sharing information, or wants to make sure your critical business information is safe from viruses, malware, hackers, or data thieves – call us!

We can…

  • Set up secure, fast networks
  • Upgrade servers, routers, and switches for faster performance and more capabilities
  • Recommend and install new backup, server, or “virtualized” systems
  • Set up secure wireless access to your network resources, that is fast and reliable
  • Test anti-virus, anti spyware, and security systems, and provide detailed reports of security vulnerabilities
  • Detect and repair any spyware or hacker problems on a network