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Network Solutions:

Networks let you share information, printers, faxes, and e-mail. A well designed network is fast, secure, and easy to connect to.

The FocIS Group can help you choose the right Servers, Firewalls, Routers, and other network equipment, or improve the performance and security of your existing network. Our goal is to help all your systems work together seamlessly!

  • Set up Secure, Fast Networks
  • Coordinate the installation of DSL, Cable, and T-1 Circuits
  • Troubleshoot slow or broken networks, add storage capacity to servers, improve backups and security
  • Upgrade Servers, Routers, Switches for faster performance and more capabilities
  • Audit your Network Security and provide a report of your vulnerabilities
  • Set up secure Wireless access to your network resources, that is fast and reliable
  • Help maintain Servers and Routers, ensuring that updates are done, backups are working, and helps to keep your vital equipment working at peak efficiency